An Inspiring Musician, Comedian, and Keynote Speaker

"A Christian comedian serving up our Faith by the Spoonful "

Programs (click on title for more information)

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) The Eucharist, why is it so important?
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)Prayer is More Powerful Than a Billion Dollars

bullet1.gif (122 bytes)We are Called to be Saints
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) The Sacrament of Reconciliation
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) There’s More to Lent than Giving Up Candy
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)Stewardship for Adults & Students
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Personal Testimony
bullet1.gif (122 bytes)Maintaining Our Catholic Identity.
(A Workshop for High School Boys.)

bullet1.gif (122 bytes)Just plain fun Comedy Show

Michael W. Smith

What Does He Do?

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He plays with 2 ordinary household tablespoons with music in the background.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He plays flaming spoons - This depends on age group of audience.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has an audience Sing-A-Long competition. Everyone gets involved.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Hilarious Impressions.  A-Rock-N-Roll and A Rap-Spoon Player.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He creates a Mountain Band out of the audience.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has adult and student oriented programs.
Some Memorable Appearances
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) 1986 - First American Spoon Player ever to perform in Russia in the cities of Moscow & St. Petersburgh
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Former U.S. President Ford
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Mr. Rogers (Children Museum)
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) PM Magazine
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Mikhail Gorbachev

Some Of The Nice Things People Have Said
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Diocese of Lafayette Louisiana - Rosie Papion Brown, Director of the Office of Youth Ministry

"Thank you for spending time with our students and their parents! The young and young-at-heart were all at the edge of their seats as they anticipated being "spooned"! Everyone enjoyed the day! Your grandpa left within you a wonderful legacy of utilizing skills given to bring others closer to the God within! You have a wonderful ability to make the connections across the age groups. Blessings as you continue evangelizing throughout the larger church."

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Diocese of Superior - Megan Noll, Office of Youth and Young Adults

"Thanks for providing a great show for a diverse group (grades 6-12). You offered practical testimony through relatable stories while at the same time entertaining and making the whole audience laugh! You were definitely a highlight to our evening events. It's good to see a performer such as yourself, walk the walk as talk the talk. This is a great testament to your relationship with our Lord Jesus. Thank you for your witness of faith and fun."

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Diocese of St. Petersburg - Bro. Jerry Meegan, Diocesan Director

"Jim I want to thank you for the fantastic ministry you rendered for our youth with your presence at our annual youth rallies this past February. The middle school keynotes that you gave were very well received and we had a very positive feedback about your wonderful messages as well as your entertaining manner of presentation with the spoons. The senior workshop had all of those in attendance talking about you also. I was impressed on how well they followed your message and enjoyed your spoon act. You do have a unique ministry using spoons to get the Gospel message across. I hope that many more youth ministers take advantage of you beautiful and unique ministry. I will be recommending you to those diocesan directors I come into contact with. May God continue to bless you and help you reach out to bring God's message to young and old alike."

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Diocese of Biloxi - Bragg Moore, Director of Youth Ministry

"Spoon Man you were terrific. You grabbed the attention of everyone attending with your considerable spoon playing skills and solid Catholic Message. You brought a lot of energy to our recent rally. The teens enjoyed the afternoon and asked that you be brought back to Biloxi as soon as possible."

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Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Kathy Burr, Director of Faith Formation

"Jim thanks for coming to our 4 intergenerational events in May. You were easy to work with, reliable and dependable. Your presentation was fantastic. You kept all ages entertained, from our preschoolers to our senior citizens. Your presentation was the perfect blend of comedic entertainment and faith message. Your talk about the Eucharist was in keeping with Catholic teaching and reached the hearts of all those listening to you. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to provide a quality, family friendly program, particularly for those who are taking on the challenges of intergenerational catechesis."

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Catholic Parishes of Appleton - Bill Nettekoven, Youth Minister

"Jim recently put on an intergenerational pre-Lenten program. The evening was fast paced, entertaining and appealed to all ages. We had people in the audience from 3 to 93 in age, and everyone enjoyed the evening. Jim’s presentation on 'Lent, it’s not just about giving up Candy', was met with open hearts and minds. He worked the message into the overall performance, so the talks were reinforcements of what he had been doing and saying all evening.  I found Jim very easy to work with, extremely faith filled, and a pleasure to get to know personally and professionally.  I would highly recommend Jim for any gathering to any age audience.  I look forward to working with Jim again in the future."

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Diocese of Beaumont - Tommy Chatlosh, Director of Youth and Campus Ministry

"Our Junior High Spectacular crowd of 300+ came expecting a speaker.  Instead, they got spooned - and loved every minute of it!  The talent Jim Cruise has for playing the spoons cracked through even the most diehard 'make me enjoy this' wall some junior highers are known to put up.  Once in, he delighted them with his humor, entertained them with his high-energy antics, and creatively involved them in the fun.  Most importantly, he wove a message throughout the presentations of God's love, their uniqueness and giftedness, and the call to live the faith every day.  Jim is not only a gifted and seasoned performer, he's a man of spirit and faith that really connected with our kids (not to mention all the adults present in the crowd).   Among the many lessons of the day - Jim helped our kids realize that it doesn't matter how strange or unusual your gift or talent may be - it can make a difference in people's lives and bring glory to God.  We'll definitely have Spoonman back!"

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Church of the Epiphany - Anastasia Quirk, Youth Minister

"Thank you for your enthusiastic performance and faith sharing. Our youth had a lot of fun. You did a great job reaching all ages and touching on issues pertinent to their lives. Those that attended have often come into the youth center and gotten a couple of spoons out of the drawer in an attempt to play the spoons. A few of them are getting pretty good."

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Saint Jerome's Parish - Father Steve Lape

"I wish to thank you again for the marvelous job you did with your act. People were very pleased with the whole experience (myself especially)! We were so fortunate to have you come and perform for us, as well as share your faith story. You have wonderfully positive messages, especially for the students."

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Saint Joseph Parish - Justin Orlando, Youth Minister

"You were a definite success for me and the seven other youth ministers at our Middle School Fun Night. You have a way of keeping the kids on the edge of their seats, and getting them involved in your show. It seemed like everyone had their hands up when you asked for a volunteer."

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Diocese of Winona - Dan Bauer, Youth Minister

"You did a great job with our Middle School students. Everyone loved it. We would be happy to be a reference for you."

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Gaylord Diocese – Joanne Willis, Youth Minister
“Jim you were the best keynote speaker and entertainer that we’ve ever had for our Youth Conference since I’ve been here.”
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Our Lady of Consolation – Laura Readle

“Your audience interaction especially with Bishop McKinney was fabulous.”
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St. Joseph School – Collette Ball, Teacher

“Thanks for sharing your faith with us. You were by far
the best program we’ve had this year.”
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St. Sebastian School- Mary Jo Welch, Principal
"Thanks you so much for your
wonderful presentation. The faculty was very impressed with your inspirational words to the kids. Thanks for the laughs. It was so heartwarming to receive your blessing at the end of your show. The kids need to hear from adults whose faith is important in their lives."
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Immaculate Conception School- Michael

"You are so
funny. The Mountain Band was awesome. You are sure good at the spoons. I went to your web page too. I kind of know how to do the spoons, but not better than you. I saw some teachers crying you were so funny. I really liked your SHOW VERY MUCH. I think you are a smart guy. Is that bully thing really true when you were in seventh grade?"
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St. Angela School - Maggie, 8th Grade

"You really helped me see that I can be anything I want, even a spoon player. My friend and I walked home from school today in those nifty hats you gave us! I have one question... do you have to take lessons to become a spoon player? Well, thanks a lot for talking to my grade!"
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St. Mary's School - Sue Kelly, Principal

"Your humor and talent entertained us and
brightened our day with tears of laughter in many of our eyes."
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Immaculate Conception School - Jen, 8th Grade
"I wanted to tell you that I thought you show was really cool. I'm in 8th grade, and I'm sure you know we usually don't get to
involved with the school assemblies, but your show was really fun! All my friends and I were laughing the whole time, thanks for giving us a good time!"
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St. Bridget School – James, Student
"I liked the show. My favorite part was when you played the spoons on my hand. I hope you come back to my school again. PS - Mom and Dad thought the show was great also. Keep up the excellent entertainment and valuable message that you send to all the kids. Best of Luck."

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Emmanuel Baptist Church - Lucy Koleen

"Excellent performance. Your message was right on. The kids loved you!"

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Trinity Lutheran Church - Sandy Hnatusko
"Thanks for your great comedy performance. Your message on prayer was ideal for our group."

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Calvary Church - Jan VanDyke
"Wonderful job Spoon Man! The kids and adults loved you."
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Daybreak Wesylean Church - Holly Elliot
"This was your 8th year in a row. Thank you for your great work with our kids."
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Holy Cross Church - Sue Helms
"Thank you for performing at our fall festival. Our parishioners are still talking about your hilarious program."
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Beverly Reformed Church - Mert Dreyer
"Thank you for your fine performance at our Family Ice Cream Social."
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Bread of Life Lutheran Church - Tiffany Brown
"Thank you for playing at our Christmas Party. Your audience interaction was spectacular along with your flaming spoons!"
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Big Brothers/Big Sisters - Mike Urschalitz
"In my six years at Big Brothers/Big Sisters, this show was by far the best in its entertainment and appeal to all ages. Many of our volunteers also  said this was the best entertainment they have seen yet at the dinner."
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